About Matthew Clark

Matthew Clark is a classical philologist and literary critic. He received his BA and MA degrees from the University of Toronto and his PhD degree from Harvard University. In addition to Out of Line: Homeric Composition Beyond the Hexameter (Rowman and Littlefield, 1997), he has published four other books: 

A Matter of Style
Good prose, like any art, is part mystery and part technique; both are needed, in varying proportions. Mystery is hard to teach, perhaps impossible. But technique can be taught, and if it is well taught, it can open a window on the mystery. 

Exploring Greek Myth
The Greek myths are fascinating stories, and they are also a key to understanding ancient Greek thought and culture. This book discusses the different approaches and methods modern scholars use to explore Greek myth.

Narrative Structures and the Language of the Self
What is a self? What does is mean to be a self? These questions have been treated by philosophers and psychologists, but in this book I argue that the best accounts of the self in all its complexity are given by novelists.

Debating Rhetorical Narratology
Rhetorical Narratology is one of the most fruitful approaches in recent literary criticism. In this book I offer some “friendly amendments” to this approach, and James Phelan answers with a rebuttal and restatement of the theory.