This is not an essay

This is just a quick question for those who have posted replies to any of the essays. A friend was trying to post a reply and he couldn’t do it unless he opened an account. Is that the way it works? You can’t just go to the reply box and post? Or can you? Any helpful tips? You can reply to my email if that’s more convenient: Thanks so much.

6 thoughts on “This is not an essay

  1. True.

    For some odd reason, I now have two ‘accounts’ under WordPress as myself (one personal and one private) that are both subscribers to your blog. And, interestingly, I am apparently able to reply to you posts under the other WordPress account I maintain for our local Museums foundation.

    In order to post this comment as ‘me’, I had to log out of the Foundation webpage account and log into my own account.

    But, I was given the option to also reply using my Facebook account and (I believe) my Twitter account.

    I think it is just a way for WordPress to ‘protect’ you from random trash-commenters.



    1. Matthew: I just clicked on “Reply,” then typed this. I was required to enter my email address and name; then I clicked “Post Comment.”


  2. And a further conundrum: I had to “approve” of Tom’s replies for them to be visible, but I didn’t have to “approve” Randy’s reply. Is that because Randy has an account? Ah, the mysteries of the universe!

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